Tuesday, January 20, 2009


All the girls at knitting club know this: I have a strange obsession with felting anything NOT wool. Alpaca currently is my favorite. However, I swatched yesterday, and oh dear god. Angora felts beautifully! It might have been the freedom spirit held together with the conejo yarn, that made it shrink so well, I don't care. But the angora halo made up for all the wool scratchiness. It was so yummy soft, that I'm contemplating using the rest of my scrap angora (I know, luxury fibers should not be scraps.) as the hat band in my newest cloache. I do have sad news about my latest cloache - it's lost somewhere in Detroit. May it find a happy home. Damn flights and tired brains that make me forget things, like my own hat in an airport.

So, to make up for it, I'm going to make another one. Of course. That's the beauty of making your own things... you can always make another. I'm resolved to use all my scrap yarn, however, mostly because I have a frightening amount of scrap. My scrap laceweight multiplies like f'ing tribbles. I have yet to run out of yarn for a project actually. Knock on wood, right? But I keep having substantial amounts of yarn left over from lace projects. How substantial? Enough to make other projects that are "supposed" to take up 100+ yds. Like fingerless gloves, and crocheted chokers. Grrr. It's getting a little ridiculous. I am trying to be a good knitter, however, my stash just won't go away. Take the Fit for a Boyfriend hat. It's *supposed* to use up a full ball of yarn. Yeah right. I have enough left over from 2 balls of yarn to make another hat. ANOTHER HAT. How ridiculous is that? I find this incredibly irritating.

As for the hat, I really should use my left over alpaca, mostly because the brushed suri alpaca isn't enough to make the hat. Oops. Ask me how I know.

Socks are going well, boyfriend's hat just has two ends to weave in, and my knitpicks cables are in the mail. Knitting's going well, it's that small side business that's completely slowed down. I haven't felt the urge to sit and draw logos for a couple of hours. Maaaaybe tomorrow. I hope. But it's the wonderful boyfriend's birthday tomorrow, and I really want to spoil him. He makes it very hard to do that. He refuses to let me make him breakfast in bed. How silly is that?

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