Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm a little tea pot....

Well, actually, I bought one at target this weekend. It's adorable, it's part of those stacked tea pot and tea cup sets. I'm in love with it, mostly because it's microwaveable. Tea may be an old world comfort, but being able to heat water to boiling point in the microwave rocks. No more waiting 15 minutes for a cup of tea to finish boiling and brewing!

This, of course, has inspired me to knit a tea cosy. In doing so, I have discovered not only my faux brittish heritage, but the fact that I suck at reading cable charts. Thankfully, tea cosies are easy to make, and cable patterns are equally easy to fake. There are some absolutely adorable ones out there. My personal favorite was this gorgeous pastoral scene that someone had needle-felted. Atleast, I had the sense to realize this was way over my head.

As it stands, my tea cosy is half made, from leftover scraps of superwash wool. Which, I like, since I know it will get wet and dirty. The ability to throw it in the washing machine will make it quite, quite useful. And maybe, if I get really ambitious, I'll felt or full one of my own.

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