Monday, October 27, 2008

"I'm like an ocean wave that's bumped on the shore..."

So, I can't seem to sink my teeth into a knitting project lately. After a rapid-fire update of all the projects I have on my needles, I realize that I have way too many projects in progress. And none of them really call to me the way the ruffled sweater, or Giselle did.

Then again, the crushing weight of midterms might have something to do with the lackluster desire to make anything. It's kind of annoying. I really want to get to the point where I can knit without looking, but I'm never quite there yet. It's so annoying. I like lace, because it demands that kind of attention, but nothing else I'm making is really that intricate. Unless you count the evil devil known as the nature scene shawl. It's a charted shawl that has NO REPEATED PATTERNS. The whole damn thing is a unique chart from cast-on to cast-off. And I'm doing it in super slippery silk. I must be trying to drive myself insane.

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Welcome to Crazytown, where my friends have proclaimed me queen. Why did they do that you ask? For some reason, there's very little that I fear about knitting. Hmm, a dress in laceweight done in lace knitting written by vogue? Sounds great! I have very few inhibitions when it comes to knitting, and that sometimes ends disasteriously. Apparently, other people think this signifies a level of crazy that only the royalty can attain. Follow along with my escapades as I dive head first into all sorts of insane techniques and projects without much more than an "Oh! That looks pretty, I can make it!"

Those will probably be my famous last words.